Friday, January 5, 2007

Ah, The first post

Well, here I am, starting my blog. I won't even try to type about anything that happened before 2007. We all know that the 2006 season was totally awesome, with the exceptiong of the playoffs. I'm just going to talk about 2007 and on, so for now, I'll just talk about anything baseball, nothing much is happening. Oh and I'll talk about the general Minnesota sports scene all the time. Just don't expect anything about the Minnesota Thunder or St. Johns University.


Anonymous said...

yo yo yo this is scott baker. u r a fag googners. what a gay name. i bet u suk dik wit a name like dat. why dont u go f urself with ur new tenis rackit? i m da best pitcher eva!!!!!!!! just cuz those frickin numbers say i suk dosent mean that i rly do. im gonna pwn every1 next yr, youll see douchebag!

googners said...

You used commas and periods.

Anonymous said...

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